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Welcome to our big family of Wing Chun!

My name in Chinese is 江覺峰.

I am married with two adult daughters.

In 1969 I started learning Wing Chun from my Sifu Leung Sheung (first student of Grandmaster Ip Man in Hong Kong and eldest Kung-fu brother of Bruce Lee) and became the chairman of Leung Sheung Wing Chun Association until he died in 1978. Since then I have been teaching Wing Chun part-time most of the time until now.

I received my primary, secondary and university education in Hong Kong, and served as a secondary English teacher for nearly 20 years before I went to Australia in 1994 with my family. Unable to find a job, I ran an ice-cream shop for 4 years and it had to close down, and I had to eat all the unsold ice-cream, which nearly killed me. The good side was that I got my Master Degree in Applied Linguistics in Australia. In 2011 I returned to Hong Kong.

My Sifu often said, "You find me, you are lucky." I hope that I can say the same to my students in future.

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