Wing Chun Family Tree System


Welcome to the official website of the Kongsir & Eddie Wing Chun Family Tree System!

Our “Learn Wing Chun, Learn English” project has come to an end. (If you want to know more about the project, you can still access the Background Information page and the Media Publications (中/ENG) page for details.) In order to enable our unique Wing Chun to reach as many people as possible in different walks of life, instead of some selected groups, we are now starting Wing Chun classes that are open to the general public. Please refer to this ad (in Chinese only because the medium of instruction will be Cantonese).

我們的「學詠春、學英文」計劃已經結束。(如果你仍然有興趣去了解計劃詳情,你可瀏覧我們的Background Information及 Media Publications (中/ENG) 網頁。) 為了將我們極為超卓的詠春拳廣泛介紹到社會各階層的人士,而不是某些指定的組別,我們將會舉辦公開的詠春班 (以粵語授課)。 詳情請看廣告

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